No More Ms. Grumpy Pants!

I came up with the idea to write a blog category called Monday Motivation, because I’m usually tired on Monday mornings and need something more motivating than the buzzing sound of my alarm at 6:30 a.m. to get me ready to tackle Monday!  Fortunately, there is the wonderful first cup of coffee that helps open my Monday morning eyes, but that is usually just a quick fix.

Believe it or not, I’m usually told by most that I’m a positive person.  However, when I’ve had a busy weekend, or played a round of golf on Sunday my body is sore on Monday morning and I’m grumpy.   I thought it was only me, but have confirmed that it’s not.   For the past couple of Mondays, I’ve intentionally commiserated with a handful of co-workers who are also Monday morning grumps!  It was disturbing to realize that I wasn’t alone in my Monday morning misery.  Then I decided that if there was going to be a change, it would have to start with me.  That’s when I decided no more being Ms. Grumpy-Pants.  Instead, I’m looking for reasons to be happy and an inspiration, ergo Monday Motivation!

Today is Memorial Day.  What better day to be grateful.  I take a moment and appreciate all of the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in serving the U.S.  I am grateful that I got to sleep in and look forward to spending the day with my family at a local fiesta in Hermosa Beach.


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