Monday Motivation: What You Think About, You Bring About!

A few years ago, I had my college-aged son and daughter make dream boards of the things they either wanted to acquire or to accomplish.  They complained and told me how silly the project was, but they eventually agreed to making the dream boards.  The dream boards were made using a poster board, cut out pictures from magazines, newspapers, clippings, drawings.  I instructed the kids to place the dream boards in their bedrooms where they could see them when they got up in the morning and before they went to bed at night.

A couple years after having made the dream boards both my son and daughter came home for summer break.  My oldest son was the first to acknowledge that most of what he listed on his dream board he had either acquired or accomplished; and, my daughter acknowledged having experienced the similar success as her brother with the dream board.

For my children, the dream boards were positive visual tools in helping keep the focus on what they wanted to acquire and/or accomplish.  Essentially, what they thought about, they brought about.

What are you focusing on today to bring about in your life?


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