Your Secret to a Makeup Artist Look

Ever wonder how some women’s makeup looks flawless and perfectly blended?  Their secret is that they use makeup brushes to achieve that look.  Makeup brushes are designed to pick up and distribute cosmetic product without absorbing it.   There are a variety of makeup brushes from synthetic to natural hair brushes.  The high quality brushes are often made out of goat, pony, squirrel and sable hair.

My favorite makeup brushes are by Mary Kay.  I like knowing that Mary Kay cosmetic brushes are designed purposefully to complement color and face products, the hair for the brushes is specifically chosen based on each brush’s function and purpose, the brush handles have been uniquely shaped to maximize comfort and control when applying makeup.

When I first started using make up brushes it took time to learn how to use and care for them.   Within a short period of time I learned how to apply makeup using the Mary Kay brushes.  I’ve noticed a benefit to using the brushes is that it has reduced the contact my hands have with my face and that there is less pulling and tugging on my skin when applying makeup, and at my age less pulling and tugging is a good thing!

The Mary Kay Brush Collection, $48  Professional-quality brushes for the perfect application features 5 separate brushes:

  • Powder Brush – For dusting powder all over the face and decollete.
  • Cheek Brush – Specifically designed brush for check color application.
  • Eye Definer Brush – Designed to apply the right amount of eye color.
  • Eye Crease Brush – Great for applying accent color to eyes and for blending.
  • Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush – Perfect for grooming and for applying mineral eye color as an eyeliner accent or brow powder.

The essential makeup brushes come in the Mary Kay Cosmetic Organizer Bag, which has room for your Mary Kay Compact, lip gloss, mascara and other makeup applications.  Great for keeping your makeup organized whether at home or on the go.  The Mary Kay Brush Collection comes with a 100% product satisfaction guarantee, click here.


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