Fabulous Friday: Lipstick Tips!

Welcome to Fabulous Friday and before you go out tonight or over the weekend – get your lips on!  Here are a few of my favorite beauty products and tips for keeping your lips looking great.

Step 1:  Exfoliate and Moisturize.  Sometime lips can be dry and cracked – not a good base for lipstick.  I like to using the Mary Kay Satin Lips treatment.  It only take 3 minutes.

Satin Lips Set $18

 Step 2:  Lipstick Primer.  I prefer using the Mary Kay TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer and apply it inside and outside of the lip line, to extend lipstick wear and prevent lipstick and lips gloss from feathering or bleeding.  The TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer creates healthier-looking lips by fighting fine lines and wrinkles.   If you don’t have lip primer, a dash of foundation on your lips or chapstick will do the trick.

Mary Kay Lip Primer $22

Step 3:  Lip Liner.  Line lips with a shade close to the color of your lipstick, or slightly lighter.  If you make a mistake fix it and reapply.  An easy trick is to make an upside down W on your top lip and completely line the bottom lip.  If you have full lips, you may not need lip liner.

Mary Kay Lip Liner $10

Step 4:  Lipstick.   Choosing the color that is best suited for your skin tone, hair and eye color is important.  It takes time sampling colors to choose which is best for you.  Mary Kay® Creme Lipsticks come in a variety of colors and each comes with a product satisfaction guarantee, which is a benefit to the pocket book because it may take several tries before finding lipstick colors that best suit you.  When you have the right color, it is recommended that lipstick is applied using a lipstick brush.  If you have big lips, use muted colors such as purples, browns and bronzes.  If you have small lips, avoid dark colors.  Each Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick now features a color button to help make finding your favorite shade in your purse or bag quick and easy.

Mary Kay Lipstick $13

Step 5:  Lip Gloss.  Glossy is always sexy.  Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss is my favorite.  On occasion, I will only wear the Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss.  The shine makes your lips appear fuller and more youthful.  If you apply your lip gloss with a brush, it will appear shinier than if you apply it with a sponge tip.

Mary Kay Lip Gloss $13


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