You’ve Come a Long Way Lipstick!

Imagine crushing small precious stones and then applying them to  your lips.  Well, it is said that’s what Ancient Mesopotamian women did.   Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles for the color and mixed it with crushed ants for a base.

Fortunately, by the time lipstick gained popularity in 16th Century England during the rein of Queen Elizabeth I, lipstick was made of a mixture of beeswax and plants.  Lipstick’s progress took a step back in 1837 when Queen Victoria banished it.  Despite the minor set back, the French perfumers pursued and in 1884 the first commercial lipstick was invented.

In the United States during the 19th Century, lipstick was colored with Carmine dye.  Carmine dye was extracted from Cochineal, insects native to Northern America and Mexico which live on cactus plants.  Fortunately, today’s lipsticks contain a variety of oils, waxes pigments and dyes.  It goes without saying that lipstick has come a long way and for the better!

Mary Kay Cosmetics has developed and offers a creme lipstick that is long-wearing and the stay-true color glides on with a lightweight, creamy texture and delivers maximum color impact that lasts. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

I’m a lipstick person and can say that I really enjoy wearing Mary Kay Creme Lipstick.   I have sensitive skin and it is a relief to know that the Mary Kay Creme Lipstick is suitable for sensitive skin and is fragrance free.  It does not dry out my lips and the variety of colors along the reasonable price of $13 a tube makes it easy and affordable to accentuate my makeup by changing my lip color.  Click here to see more.


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