Fabulous Friday: Pack It Up For A Weekend Getaway!

It’s Friday and time to get away for the weekend.  I know where I’m going, but now have to pack a small get away bag.  It is always simple to pack clothes, but the toiletries are what give me trouble.  It always seems that something leaks or a bottle of lotion or shampoo explodes and gets on my toothbrush, which is not discovered until I have applied toothpaste and am brushing my teeth!  Then there is the issue of getting everything to fit.  I’ve tried using zip lock bags, which works well until there is an explosion and everything is covered in either lotion or soap.

I recently discovered the Travel Roll-Up Bag by Mary Kay, which has four small compartments to keep lotions separate from shampoos and make up – while keeping my toothbrush safe in its own little compartment!

The roll-up bag is functional in the four following ways:

  1. It comes with four compartments that are easy to remove as they stick to the bag by two layers of strong velcro.
  2. There is a hook, so the bag can easily be hung on a hook in the bathroom or a door handle.  I’ve even hung the roll-up bag in the closet on a clothing rod.
  3. Each compartment is removable.  On occasions that I’ve gone to stay at the beach, I’ve used one compartment for sunscreen, tanning lotion, etc. and have conveniently taken the sun products with me to the beach by removing the compartment.
  4. Each compartment washes easily with soap and warm water, so that if anything does spill it cleans up easily.

The best part is that the Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Bag does exactly that – it rolls up to conveniently fit in your weekend tote or small suitcase.   The Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Bag retails for $30.


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