Monday Motivation: Moving Mountains

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas.  While in Dallas, I visited the Mary Kay museum and was impressed by Mary Kay Ash’s small stature, but big determination!  I learned that Mary Kay believed nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm and that a good leader arouses enthusiasm.

Well, you may be thinking, “I’m not a leader,” “I’m not important,” or “Nobody will listen to me.”  Well, that’s not true, because it is possible that you have a husband, wife, kids, friends, co-workers or a boss.  Also, I’m not talking about the enthusiasm one feels in attending a sporting event or a political rally, instead, I’m talking about one-on-one enthusiasm as may be expressed in body language, facial expressions, a nonverbal gesture, a twinkle in the eye, an ear-to-ear grin or the tone of a voice.

I admit that I’m not always sunshine and happiness, but I’ve learned to move mountains by changing my attitude.  When my children younger they decided that it would be fun to toss the patio furniture into our newly refinished swimming pool.   I was very upset and before I totally lost it, I went to a quiet place and smiled and counted to myself for 60 seconds.  I couldn’t help but smile and actually laughed at my children.   I was at a calm place and equipped to handle the situation.  Upon entering the backyard my kids were shocked that I caught them playing in the pool with the patio furniture.  All five children attempted to flee the scene, but I was able to calmly instruct the children to return and remove the furniture from the pool and go to their rooms.  By me staying calm my children learned the lesson of why it was not a good decision on their part to put the patio furniture in the pool and never did it again.

It is best mentioned by Mary Kay Ash in The Mary Kay Way, “…the word enthusiasm comes from a Greek origin meaning, “God within.”  Similarly, enthusiasm must being within you; when you are consumed with enthusiasm, those around you cannot help but respond in kind.”


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