Fabulous Friday: Start With A Good Foundation

The right foundation should provide a smooth and flawless finish.  Right?  Well, only if the foundation matches your skin tone and works well with your skin type.  Wondering how to determine which foundation works best for you?  The following are some tips on selecting a foundation that will work for your skin tone and skin type:

  • Decide which type of foundation works best for your needs.  For example, if you have oily skin, sometimes the oils from your skin can mix with the product and make your foundation appear blotchy and uneven.  Knowing that women have different skin types and varied needs, Mary Kay has a variety of foundations in formulas for both oily and dry skin types:  Timewise Liquid Foundation; Mineral Powder; Mary Kay Medium Coverage; Mary Kay Creme-To-Powder; and, Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20.
  • Stripe test on the jawline and check with 2 or 3 shades of foundation.  The correct shade will disappear into the skin and blend with the skin tone of the neck.
  • Do the stripe test in natural light.
  • When in doubt go with the darker tone or the one with the yellow undertone.

Once you have chosen a foundation color that matches your skin tone the following are tips on application to get that flawless finish for a beautiful face:

  • Dot  a little on the forehead and along cheekbones and blend in an upward and outward motion.  Finish by softly blending downward to put any fine hairs back in place.
  • Remember less is more.  You can always build up coverage by applying a second layer, if needed.
  • Apply foundation with a light touch, or by using a make-up sponge or a foundation brush.
  • Blend very well along the jawline and hairline so that you don’t leave a “mask line.”  Did I say to blend, good.  Now, blend some more!
  • Apply a light amount of foundation to the eyelids for a consistent base tone all over the face.

For more information about foundations, watch the video.

Click here to Get Your Foundation!


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