Why give a Gift Basket?

It goes without saying that gift baskets are wonderful way to tell someone you’re thinking of them both personally and professionally.  They can be sent on birthdays, holidays, or as appreciation gifts.  They are a wonderful way to say thank you to a valued customer or even a potential client. Gift baskets are perfect for making a statement or sending a message to someone important.  When you give a gift basket to an office or a family, everyone enjoys the goodies in the basket.

More personal gift baskets can contain gifts or mementos for the special recipient.  I recently designed a personal spa gift basket for a male client by hiding small wrapped boxes filled with beautiful pieces of jewelry.  It was a big hit with his wife!  I would like to think it was the basket, but most likely it was the Tiffany jewelry that she liked best.

I have been told by most women that they love to receive spa baskets filled with luxurious bath and beauty products, chocolate as well as gift certificates and more.  I have found that by adding a bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses – it sends a romantic message!

The gift basket container can also be a unique part of the gift. Anything can be turned in to a gift basket container.  I have used flower pots, teddy bears, gloves, bags and boxes as well as the more traditional wicker type baskets to create our designs.  You are limited only by your imagination and budget.

The next time you are trying to think of a perfect gift, try a gift basket.  A beautiful gift basket such as what you would receive from PinkBeautyBasket.com will certainly get the attention you are looking for.  The website for PinkBeautyBasket.com is currently in design mode and it is anticipated that it will be up by October 1, 2011 – just in time for the Holidays.

Every Wednesday, I will share with you gift giving ideas, tips on making your own gift baskets and a review of our beautiful Mary Kay products and other specially selected products to fill our gift baskets.

Thank you for taking the time to say hello.  Have a Beautiful Day!


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