Wonderland Wednesday: That’s a Wrap!

When I was a little kid I dreaded attending birthday parties as much as I enjoyed being invited.  I know, it doesn’t make sense.  What I mean to say is that I loved getting the invitation and anticipated attending the party, being with friends, playing games, eating cake; however, I dreaded having to take a birthday present.  My father always took the initiative to help buy the presents for the parties, because he loved to shop.  That part was okay, except that he didn’t understand the concept of wrapping paper.  Instead, he would tell me to wrap the present in tissue paper and put the present in a paper bag and either tape it shut or staple it closed.  He would encourage me to decorate the outside of paper bag.  I hated it!  I just wanted beautiful wrapping paper and a ginormous bow – shouting look at me, “I’m a big, beautiful present!”  Beautiful wrapping paper and bows didn’t stand a chance with my dad.  Now, when I see decorated bags with tissue popping out of the top – I giggle to myself and think that my dad was ahead of his time.

There are all types of beautiful gift bags and a variety of tissue to accentuate the bag.  However, I prefer taking the time to roll out the wrapping paper and accent the gift with a bow.  The wrapping part is generally no problem, but the bows are what often give me trouble.  In speaking with a few friends about wrapping presents, I learned that it is the bows that give most people problems.  If you’re not a crafty/creative person, then I’d suggest that you just buy a pre-made bow.  On occasion, I’ve bought the pre-made bows and they’re beautiful.  I suggest that you use tape to secure the bow to your gift, because sometimes the adhesive doesn’t keep the bow secure.  The following is an easy guide in making bows.

That’s a Wrap!  


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