Something for Everyone!

This past Summer I flew to Dallas, Texas to attend the Mary Kay seminar.  It was an event that changed my life.  I met women who were, like me, just starting out in Mary Kay,  others who were enjoying just being a part of something (aka girlfriend time) and those who wanted it all and developed a career in Mary Kay.  I realized that in Mary Kay there is something for everyone!

I initially joined Mary Kay, because I liked the products and saw the business as a way of meeting new people and helping women.  Since having attended seminar and being more involved in Mary Kay and actively working as a beauty consultant my commitment and passion for growing my business has developed to a greater level.

During the past months while working my Mary Kay business, I have developed friendships and have grown as a person.  I have learned skills for overcoming personal objections from the mean girl aka Negative Nellie who lives in my mind and says things like, “You can’t do this,” “You’re not good enough,” etc.  I’ve learned productivity skills such as creating goals, tracking my progress, keeping focus and being consistent.  I’ve learned how to manage a business and to sell the products that I’m offering, which is invaluable because whether it is Mary Kay or another business – I have learned the art of selling, money management and running a business.  The best of all is that I’ve learned to be positive and to believe in myself, which has inspired me to dream big and set attainable goals.

All that I’ve learned as a Mary Kay beauty consultant has been passed onto my children who are now at ages that they are starting their independent journey in life.  I’ve taught them skills to be successful both personally and professionally.

There is a saying in Mary Kay, “God first, Family second, and Career third.”  When I first heard it, I did not understand what it meant, but have since learned that is about creating balance in one’s life.  Imagine having a business that you can work around your family’s schedule with the faith in God that you are going to be successful in supporting yourself and your family.

While at seminar, I saw how Mary Kay rewards and recognitions its sales force.  There are a variety of cars offered, including a Pink Cadillac, world-class travel to places like Hawaii, Paris, Italy, and jewelry.  The most exciting is that women are recognized for their efforts of working to grow their business.   I couldn’t help but take a picture in the Pink Cadillac.

Whether it is cosmetics, candles, jewelry, pots and pans or plastic bowls, when you buy from someone who is in direct sales you are supporting a small local business.  You will most likely get better prices on the products that you buy as those direct sellers are interested in keeping you as a customer and will generally work with you and your budget.

If you’d like to find out more about Mary Kay, click here.


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