Your Lips Say It All

The woman who treasures a pink lip shade possesses a beauty that never goes out of style. Classy and feminine, she’s the measure of a true lady. But don’t be surprised to discover a fun, flirty side winking beneath the pink.

A metallic lip luster is the perfect shade for a girl on the cutting edge of fashion. She knows how to add that extra something to make any outfit go from simple to amazing. And when it comes to the next new thing, you can bet she’s already there.

You’ll find shades of berry on the lips of a woman living life to the fullest. She’s energetic, enthusiastic and walks into a room with confidence. It’s no wonder she’s drawn to a lip shade as lively as the life she’s leading.

Don’t be fooled by demure lips in neutrals. When it comes to expressing her style, this woman knows how to make a bold statement. Spend an afternoon with her, and you’ll learn to expect the delightfully unexpected.

Generous and giving, the woman with a loving heart can’t resist a lipstick in a warm chocolate shade. She exudes genuine affection. She’ll make you feel fabulous. And of course, she’s as sweet as candy.

For the sophisticated woman, tawnies are the lip shade of choice. Gifted with impeccable taste, she appreciates the fine things in life from beautiful art to artisan coffee. When it comes to perfecting her pucker, only a shade of tawny will do.

She’s confident and sophisticated. She’s glamorous, trendy and classic all at the same time. She’s true to the end, and her beauty spans a lifetime. What more can we say about the woman in red?


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