Getting Tech Savvy With Skincare


I recently invested in an iPad and although I can’t type 110 wpm with one hand – I’m learning to type pretty darn fast with one finger!

Having the iPad has helped a lot with my business because Mary Kay has amazing tech tools for consultants and their customers. By way of example, when I’m teaching someone about the importance of taking care of their skin – I can play a Mary Kay video about specific products and skin care treatments.

A fun tool that Mary Kay has is the mobile makeover. With my iPad I take someone’s picture and call up the makeover app. It helps give a customer an idea about various makeup colors, hair styles, accessories and even hair color that will best suit their skin tone and face. The picture posted above shows me before on the left and after on the right. Notice I added blush, eye liner, lip gloss and a hair accessory. I suggest you try the mobile makeover using you smart phone, iPad or computer. See mobile makeover.

A few days ago I was able to FaceTime with a customer (that’s talking face-to-face on an iPad or iPhone) and was able to help them with their makeup. I just have to say the concept and technology of talking face-to-face on a mobile device is amazing. In the past I’ve used Skype, but that was dependent on the other person having a camera on their computer.

The most exciting part of having an iPad is that I will be able to have more accessibility to my customers and keeping my readers up to date in this blog. I’m also planning to start making video tutorials for mature women, because as my beautiful 25 year old daughter recently told me, “Mom, I just realized we spend more time being old than young; and, I now understand why your always talking about the importance of using moisturizer and sun screen.” Unfortunately, I’m in the “old” category that my daughter is referring to, but the good news is that I’ve learned how to use makeup to diminish skin imperfections caused by aging. I’ll also talk about skin care for all ages and other stuff.

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