Got Acne?

This past week while holding an instructional skin care class, a lady shared with the group that she uses Lava soap on her face.  I almost fainted, but held it together long enough to ask her why she liked using Lava soap on her face.  Her response was that she suffers from adult acne and that the soap left her face “squeaky clean”.  I then felt nauseous and the strong feeling of wanting to faint came back.  In case you’re wondering Lava hand soap was created in the late 1800’s and was intended to remove oil and coal. 

Fortunately, I had my iPad with me and was able to show a video about Mary Kay skin care.  See the video.

ImageI’m often told by beauty clients who suffer from acne that they think if they use a soap to clean their face it will leave it oil free and tight and dry.  Actually, they are causing their skin to produce more oil to compensate for the natural oils that have been stripped thereby disturbing the skins natural  pH balance.  The extra oil clogs the pores and causes skin to inflame and acne to increase.  There are skin care products designed for oily skin and I recommend those products for people who suffer from acne.  Mary Kay offers an amazing line of skin care products to help with acne for all ages for both men and women.  Click here to learn more about products to treat acne

Whether you decide to use Mary Kay or another brand of skin care, please make certain you choose a product that is right for your skin type and most importantly that it is designed for your face.   

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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love Mary Kay products!

    – KW

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