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5 Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer means spending time outdoors by either relaxing near a pool or at the beach, camping, hiking or time in the backyard.  Summer also means high temperatures that can cause skin to burn.  Here are 5 tips to keep skin … Continue reading

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Spruce Up Your Look for Spring

This look works for any occasion during the day (work, home or outdoor party).  Experts say this Spring it is about creating a light and fresh look and suggest staying away from metalic or dark satin shades. Mary Kay has … Continue reading

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Got Acne?

This past week while holding an instructional skin care class, a lady shared with the group that she uses Lava soap on her face.  I almost fainted, but held it together long enough to ask her why she liked using … Continue reading

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Getting Tech Savvy With Skincare

I recently invested in an iPad and although I can’t type 110 wpm with one hand – I’m learning to type pretty darn fast with one finger! Having the iPad has helped a lot with my business because Mary Kay … Continue reading

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Dry and Itchy Be Gone!

It’s Winter and my skin is dry and itchy … ouch!  Although I live in Southern California near the beach it gets dry in the Winter.  I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers and they all work about the same.  There … Continue reading

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Seal of Approval

My daughter, Samantha, is currently going to college with an emphasis on becoming either a scientist or a medical doctor.  She often questions the safety of the products that I use both personally and in my home, which include such … Continue reading

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Going From Turquoise to Teal

I’ve always liked the color turquoise and the variations of the color –  bright blues to dark teal.  Perhaps my attraction to the color has something to do with the joy I associate with receiving a gift from Tiffany’s, or … Continue reading

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How I help a surfer keep his good looks!

I live in Southern California where the sun always shines and there are surfers riding waves.  Meet my boyfriend, Steen, who surfs at least 3-4 days a week.   Until recently, Steen used an over-the-counter sunscreen and has now switched to … Continue reading

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It’s a 49th Anniversary Celebration – Get 49% OFF Everything TODAY

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Is your mascara hurting or helping?

At least once a year I’m invited to attend a wedding and generally it is one my best friends who is getting married, which will usually mean lots of happy tears.  Personally, I don’t like to have black streams of mascara running down the sides of my cheeks or just a hint of mascara buildup on the corners of my eyes.  Whenever I’m getting ready for a “happy tear event”, I like to apply water proof mascara over my regular mascara.  

As a beauty tip, I’d highly recommend first applying a mascara primer, then a regular mascara (lash lengthening or ultimate  mascara) and finish with a water proof mascara.   I prefer the primer and mascaras offered by Mary Kay (I know I’m slightly biased ‘cause I’m a beauty consultant, but I’ve tried the rest and now prefer the best!).  

My free sample for the month of September 2012 is the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  Supplies are limited, so please click on the link and register to receive a sample and enter PinkBasketBlog, so I know where we met.  Click Here.

Have a wonderful day.


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