ampHello, my name is Angie Polizzi and I’m a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and owner of Pink Beauty Basket.

I used to be the customer that cosmetic clerks in department stores loved, because I would gladly spend hundreds of dollars on whatever skin care products and cosmetics that promised to keep my skin wrinkle free, smooth and color that would last the entire day.  I tried most of the lines from A to Z and spent a lot of time and money trying to find the product best suited for my skin.

A couple of years ago, I was offered a free Mary Kay facial and makeover.  I was a cosmetic snob and initially said no thanks.  However, the beauty consultant was the receptionist in the office I worked at and every day her skin looked more radiant.  I eventually gave in and couldn’t believe how fantastic my skin felt and how reasonably priced the products were.  I was still hesitant, but she sealed the sale when she said everything was 100% guaranteed by Mary Kay Cosmetics.   I’ve continued using the product and eventually became a beauty consultant, so that I could offer others the same great products I was using.

I began decorating and filling my own gift baskets, because I wanted to give friends and relatives something unique and special.  The baskets are individually and uniquely decorated with beautiful silk flowers, ribbons, floral birds and butterflies, and then filled with Mary Kay beauty products or one-of-a kind items.  Each basket is hand decorated and therefore no two baskets are exactly alike.

I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, because I enjoy empowering and encouraging other women to be their best by teaching them how to care for their skin, apply makeup, or start a career in Mary Kay or elsewhere.

At Pink Beauty Basket we will share with you our dreams, inspirations and the daily on-goings at our fun business.  We will continue to add new items, so come back often to read about beauty, fashion & design tips, new product & reviews!

I invite you to spoil your friends, family or yourself with our Luxurious Spa Baskets, beautiful vintage finds and unique accessories.  Visit my website at www.MaryKay.com/pinkbeautybasket

Thanks for visiting Pink Beauty Basket & Have a Beautiful Day.


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  1. BrainRants says:

    You don’t appear to have any wrinkle problems.

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